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PCI Mat Certification Program Overview

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Thank you for choosing the Pilates Core Integration Teacher Training Mat Certification Program. Pilates Core Integration (PCI) will give students the knowledge and experience to teach group Mat Pilates for fitness and body-mind integration and be able to modify exercises as required by special needs.

The PCI Teacher Training Mat Certification Program is comprised of two 2-day weekend workshops, an apprenticeship in an approved Pilates studio, and final tests. The weekend workshops include Pilates exercises, lecture, practice, reading assignments, homework, and anatomy. This aspect of the training covers material from fundamental to advanced levels on mat and how to teach a Pilates Mat Class.

In the apprenticeship component, students participate in an approved studio for private practice, observation, and student teaching to satisfy a prescribed hours requirement.

Finally, in the examinations the student demonstrates her/his knowledge and skill in The Pilates Method for final approval from a PCI Teacher Trainer. Completion of the PCI Teacher Training Program takes approximately 2-3 months (not including pre-requisites).

The PCI Mat Certification Program is designed to:

  1. Combine self-directed study, workshop participation, and apprenticeship at a hosting studio.
  2. Prepare the successful candidate to teach group Pilates Mat lessons.