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PCI Mat Certification hours breakdown

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  1. Weekend Workshops
    Lecture and practice: Includes full participation for all 15 hours per weekend, Levels I, II, III, and IV Mat exercises.
  2. Apprenticeship
    1. Observing and assisting certified teachers, as well as helping with routine studio operations; 10 hours.
    2. Teaching Practice: After completing Level 1 workshop, with approval from PCI faculty, the student teaches material learned in the most recent workshop to studio clients; 20 hours.
  3. Total: 60 hours
    1. Trainees are required are required to maintain a proficient level of knowledge and ability to perform levels I, II, III, and IV Pilates Mat exercises through personal practice.
    2. The hours may begin accruing as soon as the application fee has been paid.
    3. The above hours reflect the minimum hours required in each category. Additional hours above the minimum requirement in one category cannot be applied to any other category.