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PCI Mat Certification Examinations

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Upon completion of Levels I through IV and the anatomy component of the PCI Mat Certification Program, and satisfaction of apprenticeship hours, the student is eligible for the final comprehensive written and practical exams. It is recommended that the student maintain a personal Pilates practice and student teaching practice for three weeks after the second workshop before scheduling these tests. Both exams are evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

  1. Written Examination:
    The final exam is given during the PCI Mat Certification test-out. The exam is given at the testing site along with the students Mat performance and teaching test-outs. The student is expected to know all subject matter presented in the workshops.
  2. Practical Exam:
    Student Performance Test. Students are asked to perform a Level IV Mat workout using the PCI order of exercises. This performance exam is scheduled during the second weekend workshop.
  3. Teaching Test:
    Students will teach a 50 minute Pilates Mat lesson to a client or small group provided by the examiner. The lesson will be based on the particular needs of the client(s).

Resources / Books / DVDs

  1. Books
    Return to Life (Joseph Pilates), and Your Health (Joseph Pilates) as well as Anatomy of Movement (Blandine Clais-Germaine) and Musculoskeletal Anatomy Coloring Book (Joseph E. Muscolino).
  2. Recommended Books
    Anatomy of Movement Exercises (Blandine Calias-Germaine) and Taking Root to Fly (Irene Dowd).
  3. Recommended DVDs
    Core Dynamics DVDs: Eve Gentry 1991 Workshop